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Thermal Power Plant

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A thermal power Plant is used to convert heat energy to electric power for household and commercial applications. A power plant engineer is responsible for the design and procurement of major equipment that are required for a power plant. Apart from that it involves the installation of mechanical and electrical systems and is responsible for operation and maintenance of the power plant. renovation, and repair of boiler systems and other mechanical systems. Answer to the question that how electric power is generated and how electric power is produced is all answered here.


Lesson 1
  Thermal power plant

Lesson 2
  Thermal powerplant Project Details

Lesson 3
  Introduction to Mech: Power Plant Sector

Lesson 4
  Concept of power generation & Types of power plant

Lesson 5
  Components of Thermal power plant -1

Lesson 6
  Components of Thermal power plant -2

Lesson 7
  Components of Thermal power plant -3

Lesson 8
  Components of Thermal power plant -4

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