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Discover the exciting world of welding with this guide. Whether you’re gearing up for a comprehensive welding training program or interested in learning more about welding science as a hobby, welding is a fascinating blend of science and hands-on craftsmanship. It focuses on Research in Advanced Manufacture, focusing on High Value Manufacturing and the associated knowledge-based technologies– laser processing, intelligent robotics, micro engineering, nanotechnology, non-conventional machining, etc. It also aims at hygienic environment , pest control and so on.


Lesson 1
  Manufacturing Operation

Lesson 2
  Bacteria Growth

Lesson 3
  Food production plant and hygine

Lesson 4
  Contaimation of food

Lesson 5
  Machining Tools

Lesson 6
  Lathe drilling milling Machine

Lesson 7
  Erosion Machining Technology

Lesson 8
  Turning Machining

Lesson 9
  CNC machining Precision

Lesson 10
  Food Production process and food packaging

Lesson 11
  Manufacturing Technology in Automotive

Lesson 12
  Personal Hygiene 

Lesson 13
  Common joint configuration

Lesson 14
  Types of welding

Lesson 15

Lesson 16
  welding methord part 02

Lesson 17
  Energy sources required for welding

Lesson 18

Lesson 19
  Food hygiene and poisoning

Lesson 20
  Industrial manufacturing

Lesson 21
  Production Engineer

Lesson 22
  Leser Welding

Lesson 23
  Types of Burning Mechanical Technology

Lesson 24
  Mechanical and mechine Tools

Lesson 25
  Mechanical Mantainance

Lesson 26
  Drilling and milling

Lesson 27
  Hobbing and honning

Lesson 28
  Features of welding

Lesson 29
  Pest control

Lesson 30
  Temperature control food hygiene 

Lesson 31
  Advance manufacturing technology

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