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Operation, Maintainance & Service

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Point of this exercise is support of electrical parts which covers all parts of testing, observing, fixing, and supplanting components of an electrical framework. Advances in the plan and quality made it feasible for electrical frameworks to run for quite a long time without recognizable issues. It covers regions as various as Electrical machines, Generators, Hydraulics, – Transformers and so forth their chance to time support, change for better yield.


Lesson 1
  Lecture 01

Lesson 2
  Maintainance Electrical

Lesson 3
  Introduction to Service and Support

Lesson 4
  Types of Service sector & their functions

Lesson 5
  Basic Electrical Components

Lesson 6
  Transformer Operation

Lesson 7
  Transformer Testing

Lesson 8
  Motor Inspection

Lesson 9
  Induction Motor Maintainance

Lesson 10
  Soft Starter and its working.

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