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Industrial Automation (Basics)

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Ramkrishna Panda

Mr. Ram is an industry expert in the field of automated systems to upgrade the technologies in diverse manufacturing and production environments. His expertise in the automation sector helps the key stakeholders of the company to determine automation capabilities and goals.


Industrial automation has recently found more and more acceptance from various industries because of its huge benefits. It is the second step beyond mechanization in the scope of industrialization. The Human-Machine Interface is the user interface that connects the operator to a system, device or machine. PLC is an industrial computer that is used for industrial automation. It can differentiate in sizes and capabilities, depending on the company’s need. This powerful industrial computer works by continuously monitoring the state of input devices and makes decisions about controlling the state of output devices.


Lesson 1
  Flexible Automation System 

Lesson 2
  Industrial automation & control

Lesson 3
  Why Industrial Automation

Lesson 4
  Major components of PLC & its roles

Lesson 5
  Relay System

Lesson 6
  PLC Basics Working

Lesson 7
  VFD Variable Frequency Drive

Lesson 8

Lesson 9
  Basic Components of a DCS Network and its simple Application

Lesson 10
  DCS basics and its comparison with PLC

Lesson 11
  Analog input and signals

Digital Visiting Card