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Transmission & Distribution (Basics)

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Hemant Singh

Mr. Hemant is passionate about evaluating transmission & distribution issues associated with resource plans and utilities in conjunction with the economic and policy analysis at synapse. He provides his expertise in technical analysis to supplement the project works involving energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies and electricity markets.


This section incorporates bits of knowledge whether how could Hydroelectric force plants utilize different frameworks and gadgets for their management, control, and security, contingent upon the kind of innovation utilized and the visualized working boundaries. Theory behind hydroelectric force that has been used for more than 100 years and stays a perfect, dependable power resource. What amount of energy is lost in route as power goes from a force plant to the module your home?


Lesson 1
  Electrical Transmission and Distribution Introduction

Lesson 2
  EPTD (Efficient Electrical Energy Transmission & Distribution)

Lesson 3
  Introduction to System Protection

Lesson 4
  HVDC Tranmission

Lesson 5
  Distribution board

Lesson 6
  Hydro Powerplant 01

Lesson 7
  Hydro Powerplant 02

Lesson 8
  Hydro Powerplant 03

Lesson 9
  Advantage of cable system

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