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Who are we?
We are Avyukt Edutech Pvt. Ltd., India’s first and only skill based Digital Learning platform,
providing training and guidance to engineering students and aspirants of the Core and non-IT
industries. We provide services under various engineering fields such as mechanical, electrical,
civil, chemical, metallurgy, bio-tech.
With 500+ video lectures, 50+ passionate IE’s and 2000+ interested students waiting for the
portal to go live, we are bound to value your trust. In order to safeguard your trust and all other
personal information you have surrendered with us, we follow certain ethical standards.
We think it is necessary for you to read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand what we do. 
Please feel free to contact us at if you do not understand any aspect of
this document.
What information do we collect?
Some parts and bits of our website may be viewed without revealing any personal details.
However, in order to avail our services like virtual industrial tours, mock interviews, CV
building sessions and many more, you will have to mention information like,
• your name
• email address
• IP address
• contact number
• passwords
• transaction and payment details
We would like to mention that you are yourself responsible for the accuracy of your personal
We will at all times provide you with a disclaimer and you can further withdraw yourself
from providing any personal information. At any time, in future, you can also write to us to
withdraw your consent. Upon reviewing your application, we may delete all or some of your
How we use the information?
We may examine how you visit and use our website, only for building a higher quality
service platform and only for the purpose of conducting a statistical analysis. In no other
way, we aim at disclosing your personal information. We use the information provided, only
for you to render services so provided on our website.
We will further use it for providing technical support to you and to send updates regarding
new offers and courses.
Our website provides you with the option to pay for services using credit/debit cards and
other net banking methods. Such service is provided by an individual third party and not us,
which must be noted.
We are bound to share your personal information with various Government Authorities in
response to court orders or any other legal obligation. We may use it to enforce and update
your ToU and also investigate violations, if any. We may use it, if we feel it is necessary to
protect the property or safety of our website.
Complete and thorough access to your personal information:
We will provide you with means and medium to ensure that the information is correct and
accurate. We will direct you to change or correct your personal information.
Cookies are inherent small files sent to your device as and when you try to register with us.
The only purpose of cookies is to make your browsing worthwhile and help us to track your
area of interest.
You can, at any point reset your browser to refuse all cookies.
However, it must be noted that some of our services may not work efficiently if your cookies
are disabled.
For how long we will store your data?
We have already mentioned what and how your data will be stored. From the time your
account is active and functioning and from then onwards, for a period of 2 years, your data
will be stored.
Amendment to this policy:
The nature of internet and how digitally equipped an e-learning platform ought to be, we will
keep amending our privacy policy. You are requested to review this part of our website after
regular intervals for any changes.
By registering to our website and after reading our Privacy Policy, you are expressly
consenting to its collection, storing, processing and handling.
For any grievance or query, reach out us.
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